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Golden Retriever Puppies


Spring 2018 Breedings

Please check back often for updates on our upcoming litter(s), we hope to have puppies arrive in June !!!


Puppy price is $2500 plus Texas sales tax

Golden Retriever Puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration and Spay/Neuter Contracts

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We do not ship Golden Retriever Puppies

No exceptions!

Acceptance of a deposit does not guarantee a puppy from the current litter.  All Golden Retriever puppy placements are at the discretion of Goldenwind Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Puppies:

Golden Retriever puppies are sold with spay/neuter contracts and with AKC Limited Registration.  Our Golden Retriever puppies are required to be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  They are not permitted to be registered with any other registry.  Our Golden Retriever puppies are eligible to complete for titles in Obedience, Agility, Hunt Tests, Field Trials.  In addition, they can get a Canine Good Citizenship certificate.  Furthermore, they can be certified as a Therapy dog if they qualify.  For example, Therapy Dog International status.  Golden Retrievers puppies make wonderful Therapy Dogs or Search And Rescue Dogs if properly trained and qualified.

Our ‘Application’ Process:

Initially, we ask you where you are located and do you want a male or a female Golden Retriever puppy.   First impressions are very important.   We are considering if you are a potential ‘fit’ for one of our puppies.  When we are interested, we then send you an essay question as we do not do formal questionnaires.  The more detail you give us in response, the more information we have to make our decisions on which families to choose to receive an invitation for a puppy reservation and deposit.  With an acceptance to our invitation, you are making a life long committment to your new family member.  Reputable Golden Retriever breeders will take the time to speak with those who respectfully inquire about their puppies.   It is a breeder’s responsibility to properly educate potential puppy buyers and answer their questions.  Please remember, there are no questions that you can ask which we shouldn’t be able to answer as we know our pedigrees and the backgrounds behind them for many generations.

How we choose which families to send an invitation for reservation:

We do not take names on a waiting list, we will ask you to check back with us for updates during the pregnancies, whelping, and raising of the puppies.  The families whom we consider to invite for a puppy reservation are in no order other than who we think will be the best homes for our Golden Retriever puppies.   Our decisions are based on all correspondence we have had with each family.   So again, the more information you give us, the better.  Once a litter has arrived and we know exactly how many puppies we have and what the gender breakdown is, we review our prospective family’s essays once again to make our choices on which families to send an invitation.  We may have further questions for you at that time as we are typically fortunate to have more inquries than puppies potentially available.

Where Our Golden Retriever Puppies Are Raised:

Our Golden Retriever puppies are raised in our bedroom/family/living room areas where we spend most of our time with them.   The puppies are at that time in a Jonart Whelping Box with an attached open pen so Mom can get in and out and the puppies are safe in their area.   When out of the whelping box at 4 weeks, the puppies are moved to our formal living room.  Their playpen is an approximately 8′ x 8′ playpen where the puppies can see and hear everything around them. Most importantly, they are center stage as that offers our Golden Retriever puppies optimum opportunities for socialization which is a necessity for puppies at this stage of their life. our Golden Retriever puppies are ready for their new homes at approximately 8 weeks, they have been exposed to most household noises that await them with their new families.

The “Meet & Greet”:

It is mandatory that our puppy families visit with us when the puppies are 5 1/2 – 6 weeks old for our “Meet & Greet”.  The “Meet & Greet” is only for those families who received and accepted our invitation for reservation and we received their deposit.  This procedure ensures that anyone coming out to visit with us are as vested as we are in keeping our puppies safe from any outside virus’, bacteria and/or other communicable diseases that may potentially be brought onto our property.  Due to the fact that puppies do not receive their first immunization vaccine until 7 weeks, their immunity to any disease is totally dependent on what they received through the initial milk within the first hours of life called ‘colostrum’.  We have very strict ‘rules of the visit’ when having people out for our “Meet & Greet” and also for “Go Home” weekend.

Our Health Clearances:

Goldenwind Golden Retrievers have the health reports required by the Golden Retriever Club Of America Code Of Ethics.  Be sure to ask a Golden Retriever breeder for ‘health clearances’ on both the sire and the dam of the litter.  These reports need to include an OFA Hip rating of ‘Fair’, ‘Good’, or ‘Excellent’ and an OFA Elbow rating of ‘Normal’   The eye report needs to be from a Board Certified Canine Opthalmologist either indicating ‘normal’ in both eyes or with a notation of  ‘breeder option’.  In addition, a Heart Clearance from a Board Certified Canine Cardiologist indicated ‘normal’ is necessary.

For information on Golden Retriever Health Clearances please visit our “Health” page.

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