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Available Golden Retrievers


We have no older puppies/young adults available at this time, please go to our Puppies page for information on upcoming breedings and current litters…


For more information please contact us at:

972 442 9723


Older Golden Retriever puppies/young adults:

   $3000 – $3500 

Texas Sales Tax is charged for all Golden Retriever Sales

 Please check our Puppies page for information on upcoming litters 


CH Tempo’s Joy To The World at 5 months



       Adopt a “Rescue” Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Rescue Of North Texas


Please consider fostering a Rescue Golden !!!

First, while waiting on an available Golden Retriever older puppy or young adult, consider fostering a dog in need.  GRRNT would greatly appreciate help caring for Goldens that are in medical care waiting to be released for adoptions.

Heartworm Positive Dogs Need Foster Homes

For example, Golden Retrievers can come in to Rescue heartworm positive.  Unfortunately, Heartworm positive dogs need to be in a crate for approximately four weeks while they undergo treatment.  Consequently, they must be hand walked.  On a brighter note, they can snuggle with you on the couch while you watch TV or work on the computer.  Foster homes are the “nursemaid” getting the dog ready for their “happily ever after”.  Certainly, you can enjoy the company of a golden while waiting for your puppy and help that dog by giving him a temporary place to stay.  Fortunately, you can foster any length of time you wish.   Especially a weekend while a regular foster is out of town to a few weeks, to the duration of a dog’s care – it’s up to you.  Finally, Rescue pays for all the dog’s medical needs and finds their adoptive family.  All you need to supply his or her daily care.




Goldenwind To Hot Ta Handle


CH Goldenwind Love Gunn at 7 weeks old      



AM/CAN CH Heatherhill’s River Wild SDHF    


Goldenwind Too Hot Ta Handle “Brooke” (8 months old retrieving to handle)

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