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Available Golden Retrievers





2 Year Old Female Available 

“Fiesty” is crate trained, current on Rabies vaccine and Heartworm Preventative.   She plays well with other dogs but would also be happy to have your family’s undivided attention 

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Older Puppies/Young Adults


Texas Sales Tax is charged for all Golden Retriever Sales

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All Older Puppies/Young Adults are sold with AKC Limited Registration.   They may not be used for breeding under any circumstances.   If they have previously been registered with AKC Full Registration, the AKC registration papers will be retained by the Breeders.  When the male/female is neutered/spayed, proof of the procedure is required from the Veterinary Clinic where the procedure was performed.


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We have no Older Puppies/Young Adults Available at this time.  Please to go our Puppies Page for information on upcoming breedings and current litters.

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