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3 hours from OKC, 4 hours from Tulsa, 3 hours from Shreveport)



Breeding confirmed, litter expected June 2017

True x Trouble

Pedigree – True x Trouble

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We are Dallas Texas Golden Retriever Breeders who have produced multiple AKC Champion, Obedience, Hunt/WC, Agility and Rally titled Golden Retrievers.   We also have produced certified TDI (Therapy) dogs. 


Our Credentials & Affiliations:

American Kennel Club Golden Retriever Breeder of Merit  (Golden Retrievers and Brittanys)

Golden Retriever Club Of America (GRCA):  1995 – present

Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club (DFWMGRC):  1995-2007 (12 years)

ArkLaTex Golden Retriever Club –  ‘Founding Members’

Texas Golden Retriever Breeders Public Education Network – www.texasgoldenbreeders.com

Dallas / Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue (DFWGRR)

Dallas / Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue Medical Coordinator 2009-2011

Alan was an active DFWMGRC member having served on the Board Of Directors three times in the positions of Vice President in 2000, Board Member At Large in 2004 and 2005.  He had served as the Specialty Show Chairman, Chief Ring Steward, and “Bench Committee Chair”.   He has been a member and active volunteer of DFWGRR including being ‘Santa’ for the annual Santa Paws fundraisers.  Alan also wrote the DFWMGRC Member Column for the Golden Retriever News, the official publication of the Golden Retriever Club Of America (GRCA) !!!

Ellen was an active member with the DFWMGRC having served on the Puppy Referral Committee as a Puppy Referral Volunteer 1995-2005.  She has been an active member and volunteer of the DFWGRR over the years. Based on her extensive knowledge of health issues in the Golden Retriever, Ellen was invited to be the DFWGRR Medical Coordinator in 2009.  Ellen served on the DFWGRR Board and had been active in fundraising for Rescue.  Since 2008, Ellen has personally helped to raise over $1000 in sponsorships and silent auction merchandise for the Annual Sporting Chance Golf Tournament of whose proceeds benefited Dallas / Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue.  

We encourage you to browse through our pages to help educate you in any and all aspects of Golden Retriever ownership.   Our goal is to be available to you for the entire life of your new Golden Retriever.  Goldenwind Golden Retrievers also offer boarding for our Golden Retriever puppy families in the Dallas metro area.  This offers a wonderful opportunity for us to visit with each other over the years of your Golden Retriever puppy’s life.  We very much look forward to those visits and cherish the time we spend with our ‘grandpups’.  This way our puppy’s families can rest assured while on their vacations that their beloved pet is well taken care at ‘home’ as opposed to a kennel situation!

Goldenwind Goldens does not have a Golden Retriever puppy questionnaire.  We want to get to know you on a more “personal” basis through phone conversations and email correspondence.  After receiving an invitation for a reservation and deposit our puppy families are invited to visit our home for our Meet & Greet.  Our belief is that questionnaires are ‘impersonal’.  Reputable Dallas Texas Golden Retriever Breeders should always take the time to respond to your inquiries.   If a Golden Retriever Breeder doesn’t have the time to answer your inquiries or a website states that if someone doesn’t get back with you to just assume there are no puppies available, you may think twice if those are the type of Dallas Texas Golden Retriever Breeders that you want.   We look forward to your correspondence and pictures over the years.   We are so very blessed that our Golden Retrievers have given us the opportunity to have met such wonderful people over the years.


Why do Reputable Golden Retriever Breeders get ‘Clearances’

The Golden Retriever Club Of America (GRCA) requires that any member of the GRCA use the GRCA Code Of Ethics as a guideline for breeding.  ‘Reputable’ Golden Retriever Breeders should not only use the GRCA Code Of Ethics as a ‘guideline’ but should ‘adhere’ to the recommendations of the Golden Retriever Club Of America for breeding.  Why would a ‘reputable breeder’ *not* adhere?   Perhaps because their dog failed a health clearance!!!

GRCA Code Of Ethics


Reputable Dallas Texas Golden Retriever Breeders will also follow the American Kennel Club Code Of Sportsmanship: 



Litter Safety:

Please understand that when we have a litter that you will not be able to interact with those newly whelped pups.  While there are some Dallas Texas Golden Retriever breeders who allow a ‘prospective’ buyer to interact with a dam or puppies, we consider that a red flag.  It is our opinion that this is a very irresponsible action and is actually showing the prospective puppy buyer that the breeder is not considering the welfare of the dam or the puppies.  Until the puppies receive their first immunization vaccine (6-7 weeks), their immunity to any diseases is totally dependent on what they received from the initial milk within the first hours of life called ‘colostrum’.   It is not uncommon for responsible breeders to wait until puppies have received their first immunization vaccine before allowing prospective puppy buyers to physically handle the puppies.  These actions are taken by responsible breeders as a safety precaution for the puppies.   Would you let a total stranger handle your newborn baby?   Of course not, you’d wait until you got to know the person or the family!!!  The welfare of the puppies should be more important to the responsible breeder than the sale of any puppies to prospective buyers.    https://www.texasgoldenretrieverbreeders.com/GR_Educ.htm

Finding reputable Dallas Texas Golden Retriever breeders is not always an easy task.  Honesty and integrity are two of the most important attributes you must look for in a Golden Retriever breeder.  Ethical reputable Dallas Texas Golden Retriever breeders will not advertise upcoming litters without having Board Certified OFA certifications on both the sire/dam.  Those certifications are for Hips, Elbows Hearts and Eyes.  There are also some Golden Retriever breeders out there that advertise on their website that their dogs have *full* clearances when in fact, they do not.  When inquiring on an upcoming or current litter from any Dallas Texas Golden Retriever breeder website, ask for the AKC name of the sire/dam and verify through www.offa.org that both have those OFA numbers or ask to see the paper copies of the Board Certified Heart / Eye clearances.  Accept no excuses for a Dallas Texas Golden Retriever breeder not being able to produce those documents.  If a breeder presents you with an OFA Cardiac Application with a normal diagnosis from a ‘general practitioner’, or a ‘specialist’, that is not acceptable.  The diagnosis must come from a Board Certified Cardiologist.  

Our Golden Retriever breeding program is of the utmost importance to us.  Our litters are planned according to what Goldenwind Golden Retrievers are looking to produce as we breed primarily for ourselves, not breed to fulfill the public demand for Golden Retriever puppies.  One of the signs of a reputable Dallas Golden Retriever breeder is that they are striving to improve the Golden Retriever breed with each breeding.  Their intention should be to keep the best conformation prospects for themselves.  There is no question that ‘quality’ is more important than quantity just as health issues should not be sacrificed for only breeding with a certain ‘circle’ of breeders.  Over the years we have purchased Golden Retrievers and shipped in fresh chilled semen from other parts of the country rather than take the easy road and only breed or purchase Golden Retrievers either mainly in Texas or related to dogs in Texas.   We have bred to Champion sires from California, Missouri, Wisconsin, Colorado & Montana and purchased dogs/puppies from California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Montana, Oklahoma and Michigan.  

Another sign of a reputable Dallas Texas Golden Retriever breeder is to always provide guidance to those inquiring about Golden Retriever puppies.   We also offer lifetime advice to those who purchase their Golden Retriever puppies from us.  Our “Meet & Greets” are mandatory for all our puppy families.  Please visit our Education / Health pages for more information on reputable breeders: https://www.texasgoldenretrieverbreeders.com/GR_Educ_health.htm 

Please feel free to contact us… ask us any questions that you may have about Golden Retrievers or Golden Retriever puppies.  The first responsibility of reputable Golden Retriever Breeders is to educate others about the Golden Retriever breed.   We do not have kennels or kennel runs, our dogs are house dogs.  The sport of showing Golden Retrievers has been a family activity here at Goldenwind since 1995 .  Golden Retrievers can be wonderful family dogs whether you participate in AKC and/or UKC events or just want a constant companion at your side.  

While we appreciate that many people have visited and enjoy our website, we are less than pleased to see other Golden Retriever websites modeled after ours with our personal opinions represented as other breeder’s philosophies.  In addition, with many prospective Golden Retriever puppy buyers relying on the Internet in their search for reputable breeders, there has also been an increase in the misrepresentation of what a reputable Golden Retriever breeder should be.  There are some GRCA member’s websites giving their opinions and stating ethics on what a reputable Golden Retriever breeder should or should not be, when in fact, their own recent practices are in contradiction of those statements and/or the updated GRCA Code Of Ethics.

Please perform your research carefully during your search for a Golden Retriever puppy.  There are very talented webmasters on the Internet and a beautiful website alone that ‘appears’ to say the right things is in no way an indication of a responsible ethical breeder.  Use the OFA website for verification for hip and elbow certifications !!! 

Goldenwind Golden Retrievers are very proud to be associated as friends with a Network of Golden Retriever Exhibitors, Breeders, and Golden Retriever Rescue Volunteers in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston areas, the Texas Golden Retriever Breeders Education Network.  That Network includes reputable Golden Retriever breeders who have titled, and/or produced Golden Retrievers titled in one or more of the following venues: Conformation, GRCA Show Dog Hall Of Fame, Obedience, Hunt/Field/WC, Agility, Rally, Certified Therapy Dog, CGC.  We are also proud of this Network’s dedication to Golden Retriever Public Education and Golden Retriever Rescue. 

Ellen & Alan Meyer





CAN CH Goldenwind For The Luv Of Money


Goldenwind PS I Love You NA NAJ RN CD                      CH Goldenwind Love Gunn as a puppy


CH Summit Goldenwind High Caliber SDHF “Bullet”


Goldenwind Scouting For Evidence “Scout” puppy graduation

CH Tempo’s Joy To The World pictured at 5 months old


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